What can you expect from Interteach’s private tuition?

Interteach offers digital one-on-one private tuition to learners, and all classes are structured so that the teacher can focus their attention fully on one student. Every day, four full hours (4*60 minutes) are devoted to your child and instruction is customised to fit their unique needs and abilities. Our team of educators employ the latest teaching methods, and thanks to advanced audiovisual technology, it’ll feel like they’re sitting right next to your child.

In summary:

  • One-on-one private tuition for your child(ren);
  • Children benefit from 240 minutes of undivided attention every day (with alternating breaks between classes);
  • Classes take place whenever it suits you, wherever it suits you;
  • Reliable, qualified and highly experienced teachers at your service;
  • One permanent teacher dedicated to your child;
  • After every lesson, teachers file a digital report that can be accessed by parents;
  • Regular evaluations and performance reviews with teachers;
  • An efficient, high-quality digital infrastructure that ensures classes run smoothly and without disruptions;
  • A personalised, goal-oriented, results-driven approach to education.


Need more information? Eager to enroll your child?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more information or wish to enroll your child for private tuition or extra lessons. Once we have received your application form, one of our team members will be in touch to schedule an appointment.



  • Education provided for your child, ensuring increased learning outcomes.
  • Person-centred education.
  • Lessons always taught by highly experienced (subject) teachers.
  • Extensive curriculum including English and Spanish.
  • Small groups, ensuring your child receives all the support they need.
  • Primary education - From € 15 a day
  • Secondary education - From € 20.77 a day