Through language to work


When a person is willing to work, but does not know how the labour market works as a result of his/her background. Does not understand the do’s and don’ts and also does not have an adequate grasp of the language, then it becomes very difficult to find work and even more difficult to be offered employment. The distance to the labour market is very large in that case.

Interteach has developed language training specifically for this group of people, based on the personal qualities and aspirations of the course attendee(s).

Thanks to Interteach's unique approach, our focus on goals and results, we can guarantee that at least 50% of the course attendees will find a paying job within a predetermined period.

Interteach not only offers language training. Interteach also "prepares" course attendees for the job market. This can rightfully be called: Through Language to Work.

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Through language to work

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