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Private tuition for primary and
secondary school students


When parents choose private schooling for their children, they do so for various reasons. A key motivator is private tuition makes room for significantly more one-on-one attention than ‘regular’ schools do. While there are, on average, approximately 25 students per class in a conventional school, and 10 learners per class in a private school, with Interteach, there is just one student allocated to each teacher.

It’s time for some basic maths: in a regular school, there are effectively 300 minutes of productive class time per day. Divide this by 25 students and you get 12 minutes of personalised attention per child per day (300/25=12). In the case of private schooling, the results differ significantly: 300 minutes of class time split across 10 students equals 30 minutes of personalised attention per child per day (300/10 = 30). Interteach’s individual classes come out on top: all 240 minutes of schooling time are dedicated entirely to one student.






  • Regular schools
  • 5 hours/300 minutes of teaching time per day
  • 25+
  • 12 minutes of personalised attention per child per day
  • Fixed starting date
  • Fixed holidays
  • Fixed lesson times

  • Private tuition
  • 5 hours/300 minutes of teaching time per day
  • 10-15
  • 30 minutes of personalised attention per child per day
  • Fixed starting date
  • Fixed holidays
  • Fixed lesson times
  • Interteach
  • 4 hours/240 minutes of teaching time per day
  • 1-on-1
    private tuition
  • 240 minutes of personalised attention per child per day
  • Flexible starting times
  • Flexible holidays (at parents’ discretion)
  • Flexible lesson times


For many reasons, one-on-one tuition is the best type of schooling you can get. With Interteach, four full hours (4*60 minutes) are devoted to teaching your child online, and every learner receives the tutor’s undivided attention and benefits from classes that are adjusted to suit his/her unique requirements and capabilities. All Interteach trainers are highly qualified, experienced teachers, who make use of the latest educational techniques and strategies and coach learners digitally as if they were sitting right next to them.

How do Interteach private classes work in practice? 

When and where lessons take place is entirely up to you. Because Interteach classes run online, your child can be anywhere in the world and still benefit from them, and the pace and focus of the lessons can be altered to meet your child at their level.
Four full hours of teaching per day translates to 240 minutes, and every single one of them is dedicated to improving your child’s learning outcomes. Of course, there is time for rest in between the classes: every study hour is followed by a one-hour break.

Every day, a set amount of times is spent on the standard curriculum to meet the key primary and secondary school objectives laid out by the government. In addition to this, Interteach also offers new perspectives on regular school subjects and has added a few new study areas, too.

While Interteach focuses on one-on-one education, we also recognise how important it is to develop a child’s social-emotional skills. For this reason, we offer courses and activities that feature sport, music and art and that build on group dynamics. 
Eager to find out more or enroll your child?

Feel free to contact us at any time. Once we have received your application form, one of our team members will be in touch to schedule a conversation.



  • Education provided for your child, ensuring increased learning outcomes.
  • Person-centred education.
  • Lessons always taught by highly experienced (subject) teachers.
  • Extensive curriculum including English and Spanish.
  • Small groups, ensuring your child receives all the support they need.
  • Primary education - From € 15 a day
  • Secondary education - From € 20.77 a day