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We all know the numerous benefits of mastering more than one language. Being bi- or multilingual is not just an invaluable life skill, but also prepares your child well for international schooling or a bilingual secondary school.

Did you recently move to another country or is an international relocation on the cards? Does your child dream of studying abroad one day? Do you simply want to add to your youngster’s repertoire of skills? These are all great reasons to enrol your child for foreign language training.

Interteach offers online language courses, adjusted to suit each student’s personal situation, learning pace and level of knowledge. By combining tried-and-tested study methods with homework and extra teaching materials, we’ll effectively teach your child to understand, read and write a new language. Importantly, all our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach.


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  • Education provided for your child, ensuring increased learning outcomes.
  • Person-centred education.
  • Lessons always taught by highly experienced (subject) teachers.
  • Extensive curriculum including English and Spanish.
  • Small groups, ensuring your child receives all the support they need.
  • Primary education - From € 15 a day
  • Secondary education - From € 20.77 a day