Mission & Vision



'Towards a promising and bright international future'

Interteach's aim is to get the most out of your child’s time at our school, making them proud of who they are and what they are able to achieve! Interteach offers the highest quality, with small classes, highly experienced teachers, a maximum number of teaching periods and the best results. Interteach stands for top quality in private education.



Within our vision, ’tailor-made education’ with personal learning pathways is the standard, our aim being to find the right balance between qualification, socialisation and personal development.

Children and young people not only learn from whát they are told and shown, but also from hów this is done. This means that as far as the ‘how’ of education is concerned we cannot confine ourselves to the question of effectiveness and efficiency of how to achieve a certain result but we should also always ask ourselves whether what we see as an effective and efficient manner is really desirable in view of what we aim for with our educational activities and processes (Biesta, G.2014)

Interteach’s aim is to acquire a flexible knowledge base, skills and attitudes which qualify and prepare children to prepare in the best way possible to perform in our complex, multicultural society. Interteach provides education in the students’ native language typically supplemented by English and Spanish. If a student’s native language is English or Spanish, parents and/or the child may choose a third language. Besides (several) languages and environmental studies, Interteach also believes it is important that children achieve qualifications in sports, arts and culture.

Besides qualification, Interteach also pays special attention to the process of socialisation, during which children and young people learn to communicate and interact responsibly within various multicultural traditions and practices. Civic education is an important aspect of this. Interteach does not offer education in isolation from the society of which it is a part but looks for the connection with the world outside, enabling children to acquaint themselves with the world around them. Cooperation with external partners is an important part of the process of socialisation.

Personal development
Besides qualification and socialisation, another important aspect of Interteach education is personal development: focus on Bildung, a process in which, through interaction with the education we provide, the child develops and develops their own individual personality! Interteach’s aim is to have each child discover their own talents and learn and reflect how to think critically. The children are offered a whole range of options and receive professional mentorship when making their choice.

For Interteach, it's about 'who you are and what you need' to enjoy learning (make learning fun) and a challenge for further development.



  • Education provided for your child, ensuring increased learning outcomes.
  • Person-centred education.
  • Lessons always taught by highly experienced (subject) teachers.
  • Extensive curriculum including English and Spanish.
  • Small groups, ensuring your child receives all the support they need.
  • Primary education - From € 15 a day
  • Secondary education - From € 20.77 a day