Deployment of teachers at your school

Deployment of teachers at your school


You experience this situation on a regular basis: you are unable to fill a vacancy at your school, for example due to illness or absence of a permanent teacher. This is because there are no substitute teachers who can be deployed immediately, or that regulations prevent this. You are then faced with having to choose between dividing the pupils over other classes, or even sending pupils home. Interteach will solve the problem for you and can supply you with flexible teachers on short notice.
Interteach is certified in order to guarantee the quality for our customers. Interteach is a fully certified educational institution Our teachers are therefore in full compliance with legal requirements. Many school governing bodies now use our teachers on a daily basis. For a flexible, safe and cheap solution to your staff deployment.


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  • Ms A. Sanders, Best Education
  • Mr W. de Jong, former principal/manager of the Mytylschool Gabriël and Atlent Child Expertise Centre



Deployment of teachers at your school?

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