Interteach: private tuition for primary and secondary school students

Does your child struggle to keep up at his/her regular school? Do you feel that more personal guidance could be the answer to his/her problem?

Do you live abroad but want your child(ren) to stay connected to the education system back home in your country of origin?

Or perhaps it’s the other way around: you want your child(ren) to be optimally prepared for international schooling? Or maybe you would just like your child to build their skill set by learning a different language?

Alternatively, perhaps there’s an entirely different reason why you’re eager to learn more about how private tuition might benefit your son(s)/daughter(s)?

Interteach offers high-quality, results-driven one-on-one online tuition to children at primary and secondary school levels. All lessons are fully focused on your child and tailored to their specific needs and capabilities.

Private tuition can be extremely beneficial for children who need personal guidance, struggle with certain aspects of the curriculum or require extra help when it comes to preparing for (final) exams. Moreover, it’s the perfect schooling solution for children living abroad, if you don’t want them to fall behind back at home. Or if you’d like your child(ren) to learn a new language, this is also an option.

Thanks to our personalised online approach, tailor-made education is available to your child whenever and wherever works best for him/her.

Private tuition for primary and secondary school students

Every parent wants what’s best for their children, especially when it comes to education. Are you looking for private tuition for your children so they can benefit from individual attention and lessons customised to suit their needs and wants? As specialists in private, tailor-made education for learners in primary and secondary school, we at Interteach might have the solution for you.

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Language that works

The economy is growing at high speed and the number of people receiving unemployment benefits is decreasing as a result So why are we seeing an increase in the number of income support payments?

Research has demonstrated that a poor or no understanding of the language is by far the biggest reason that many people do not participate in the labour market.

Interteach has an appropriate solution! We even guarantee that at least 50% of our students will have a paying job within a pre detemind timeframe.

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Deployment of teachers at your school

Deployment of teachers at your school, as you wish!
Always a teacher/lecturer in the classroom? We can make that happen.
Every (temporary) vacancy can be filled by Interteach. We can also be your partner in urgent substitute requests. Flexible and without compromising on quality. We have a pool of qualified, experienced and skilled lecturers.

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Inhuren leerkrachten
Bijles examentraining en cito

Tutoring and extra lessons for exam preparation

If you look at the numbers, you’d probably be shocked to realise that teachers at regular schools can only give children a maximum of 12 minutes of personalised attention per day. Owing to crowded classrooms and the pressure to pack hours worth of training into a single lesson, teachers are always a few pairs of hands, eyes and ears short.


Does your child struggle to keep up in class and are you concerned that the school he/she attends is not well equipped to help? In that case, tutoring by Interteach might be the solution to your problem.

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Language training for children

An increasing number of parents would like their children to be able to speak more than one language. The advantages of being proficient in multiple languages have been proven time and time again. And yet, at regular primary schools, the option to be schooled in more than one language often doesn’t exist. Interteach, once again, has the answer in the form of private online training in a wide variety of foreign languages, including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

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